A summary of my Travel Posts to Greece and North America in April / May 2016 written on the same day in 2017.

It is my third visit to Greece where my father spent four months in 1941 firstly as a soldier with the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force (2NZEF) and then as a Prisoner of War (POW). This time my visits to Corinth and Kalamata are timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the historic and life changing WWII events that happened there. The remainder of my trip follows mostly my wine and geology passions and in the USA a chance to catch up with friends and family.

Auckland to Athens via LA and Heathrow

Apr 22nd 2016: Part 1: Take Off from New Zealand

Apr 23rd 2016: Part 2: LA Stopover

Apr 23rd 2016: Part 3: Going to Greece


Apr 24th 2016: Part 4: A Day in Athens

Apr 25th 2016: Part 5: Anzac Day services

Apr 25th 2016: Part 6: Greek Wine Tourism Planning

Apr 25th 2016: Part 7: Athens to Corinth

Apr 26th 2016: Part 8: The Corinth Cage

Apr 26th 2016: Part 9: The Corinth Canal Crossing

Apr 27th 2016: Part 10: Corinth to Kalamata

Apr 28th 2016: Part 11: Battle of Kalamata Anniversary Day

Apr 29th 2016: Part 12: Kalamata to Pyrgos

Apr 30th 2016: Part 13: Western Peloponnese

May 1st 2016: Part 14: Easter Sunday in Greece

May 2nd 2016: Part 15: The Odontotos Rack Railway

May 3rd 2016: Part 16: A Poignant train Journey

May 4th 2016: Part 17: Rest day in Thessaloniki and remembering Pavlos Melas

May 5th 2016: Part 18: Wine Roads of Northern Greece

May 6th 2016: Part 19: Domaine Gerovassiliou

May 7th 2016: Part 20: A Wine Tour of Attica

May 8th 2016: Part 21: A Geology Tour of Attica

Greece to North America

May 9th 2016: Part 22: Across the Ocean once again.

May 10th 2016: Part 23: A wine tasting in Bellingham.

May 11th 2016: Part 24: A Lazy Day in Birch Bay.

May 12th 2016: Part 25: Birds at Birch Bay

May 12th 2016: Part 26: Food & Wine in Bellingham

May 12th 2016: Part 27: Dinner at Willows Inn on Lummi Island

May 13th 2016: Part 28: A trip to Mt Baker

May 13th 2016: Part 29: My Last Night in Birch Bay

May 14th 2016: Part 30: Catching up with family in Bellingham

May 15th 2016: Part 31: Into Canada

May 16th 2016: Part 32: Capilano Diversion

May 17th 2016: Part 33: Homeward Bound





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