Kick it in the guts Trev

If your name is Trev or you’re a fan of the late John Clark aka Fred Dagg (who coined that now Kiwiana classic ‘Kick it in the Guts Trev’  phrase) then you’ll love this Waimea Family Estate Wines Trev’s Red 2015 for its name alone even though it is actually named for Trevor Bolitho who founded Waimea Estates in Nelson’s Waimea Plains in the early 1990s.

Trev’s Red is a smooth soft-drinking red made from a blend of 71% Cabernet Franc, 27% Syrah, 2% Viognier co-fermented and matured in new and seasoned oak barrels for a total of 10 months.Trev's Red

There’s an attractive almost luminescent blue/red lustre to the hue.

The bouquet has subtle smoky nuances with hints of poached tamarillo, or is it redcurrants? Some kind of intriguing red fruits that to me will be something and to you something else. But definitely some liquorice wafting out of my glass and I love it already.

The taste is on the medium side of full-bodied with fine tannins, raspberry, liquorice, lovely bright fruits – blueberries and cranberries come to mind – and hints of mocha amongst the lightly toasted spicy oak flavours that come through. It has a soft flow across the palate with a velvety rub to the finish.

I’m all into lighter reds these days and on the night I rated it as ‘Yum’. It’ a fabulous alternative to Pinot Noir – not too heavy and not too light – and a superb match to fillet steak.

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