This Time Last Year – Part 30: Catching up with family in Bellingham

Part of a series of posts that cover my travel to Greece and the USA in April/May 2016.

May 14 2016 – Bellingham, Washington, USA

I say my farewells to Bob and Jenise at Bellingham Airport where they are catching a flight and where my nephew David (Neil’s sister’s son) is picking me up. The last time I saw David, his wife Beth, and their adorable twins, was in April 2015 when they came to visit Neil just before they left New Zealand to live here in Bellingham where Beth grew up. The twins now have a beautiful wee sister.

Bellingham looks like a perfect town to bring up children. There’s mountains, rivers, lakes and the sea and parks that are wonderfully kid friendly.  We stop at Whatcom Falls Park where there’s a trout hatchery. Trout are put in the lake and only children under 14 are allowed to fish there – and its free.

Beth and David and kids at Whatcom Park under the old railway viaduct

We stop at the hatchery then onto the nature trails around the lakes, watch kids fishing, view the falls …

Whatcom Park Falls

and pick salmonberries.

Wild Salmonberries

We stop on the way to David and Beth’s place to pick up a sandwich.

Just one sandwich please!

The afternoon takes us to Hovander Farm Park with its historic homestead and specialised gardens, miniature farm animals, playground, picnic areas and more nature trails alongside the Nooksack River. We spot bald eagles in their natural habitat.

It’s been the most wonderful day catching up with family but all too soon it’s time to part. They drop me at my motel and head home to feed the kids and put them to bed.

I go out to find takeaways and I’m tempted to check out the dope shop, but nah, it’s not really my thing.

It’s legal here

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