This Time Last Year – Part 2: LA Stopover

Part of a series of posts that cover my travel to Greece and the USA in April/May 2016.

22-23 April 2016 – Flight NZ2 Auckland to Heathrow via Los Angeles

It’s April 23rd in New Zealand but I’m in LA, which is 19 hours behind. I’m still hanging around April 22nd in deja vu time.

Transit in LA is a drag. You have to get off the plane with all your belongings, do the USA border entry thing, walk halfway around the airport (or so it seems) to go back through security to get on the plane again. I didn’t have US dollars so no opportunity for a little vinous interlude. I take pictures instead.

We’re towed out to the tarmac and I’m mesmerised by the jet streams filling the sky with wondrous patterns.

Jetstream over La International Airport

We thunder off over the mountains heading north east.

Jetstream over California

Night looms quickly. It won’t be long before it is tomorrow. And when I wake up it is indeed the 23rd.

We fly over the Hebrides Islands and Manchester, tracking into Heathrow from the north west.

As we descend lower and lower I see a ribbon of water winding through the verdant countryside. It is the River Thames.

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