Four Whites with Asian Baked Salmon

One of my favourite recipes that I find myself cooking at least once is month is Asian Baked Salmon by Rowan Bishop, food columnist in Urban and Country - a monthly lifestyle magazine inserted into Waikato newspapers that I also write a wine … Continue reading

Central Otago’s Adventurous Wild Earth

Quintin B Quider walks into the Wild Earth Wines tasting room carrying a bucket of greengage plums. “Went fishing last night, wanted to catch you a trout,” he says with a soft American accent. He has no fish. I accept a plum. … Continue reading

Ravishing Rieslings from Black Estate, Greywacke and Rockburn

There’s nothing better on a sizzling summer evening to open the cap on a bottle of Riesling. Even better if you are cooking up a feast on the barbie with ingredients like chilli, lemongrass, coriander, coconut and lime – they … Continue reading