Hi from Sue Courtney in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m a wine writer and a wine lover and my website www.wineoftheweek.com has been part of the Internet since May 1998, before WordPress and even blogging were in our vocabulary. It’s the longest running wine review website in New Zealand.

I added my home written, html-coded blog, www.wineoftheweek.com/blog, in 2007. Coding the main website in native html and the blog with basic WYSIWYG software designed for pre-Windows 7 days, it all became a bit of an archaic monster to update. So at the end of 2012 I made the decision to move to more modern blogging software. In April 2013, my WordPress blog, here at www.wineoftheweek.com/wineblog was born.

The legacy site remains and at this stage will still be the primary source of my tasting notes. Of course that may change, but all good things take time.

What you will find here is reviews, stories and opinion pieces, mainly about New Zealand wine.

Check out www.wineoftheweek.com/about.html for more about me.