This Time Last Year – Part 32: Capilano diversion

Part of a series of posts that cover my travel to Greece and the USA in April/May 2016.

May 16 2016 – Vancouver, Canada

The sign on the bus states” ‘No standees’. Not a problem as the bus is virtually empty. It’s the first bus of the day from downtown Vancouver to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. I take a front seat for the short trip through beautiful Stanley Park (where Neil and I walked for hours in 2013), over Lions Gate Bridge and into Capilano Road  on Vancouver’s North Shore.

We didn’t know about Capilano that previous visit. A well kept secret maybe? I found out about it when my s-i-law and b-in-law showed me photos of their trip. Now I am here.

The first bridge over the Capilano River was built in 1889. The current bridge was built in 1953.  It’s 140 metres long, 70 metres above the river canyon, and very bouncy.

Capilano Suspension Bridge in 2016

Safely over the bridge, the Treetops Adventures area awaits with seven footbridges suspended between Douglas Fir trees.

A Treetops Adventure suspension bridgeThere are story boards …

Natural Muse – The Spirit of the Rainforest – An inspiration for poets, musicians, painters and creative thinkers.

There are lots of steps …


A cliff walk …

And a nod to the pioneers of the area.

Replica of a pioneers hut

I loved visiting here and would have liked to have spent longer musing with my notebook and pen. And while not exactly cheap at CAD$42.95 especially when you take the NZ dollar conversion into account it’s an excellent way to spend a morning before heading out to the airport on the train and jumping on a plane.

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