Tohu Pinot and Lamb

Last post I mentioned my friend Shirley was cooking a leg of lamb for our dinner for one of the nights when I went to her place to stay. She’s a passionate pinot gris fan but was open to ‘being surprised’ with something different so I chose the gold medal winning Tohu Pinot Noir 2015 from Marlborough’s Awatere Valley to take. Tohu Awatere Valley Pinot Noir 2015

It’s a deeply hued ruby-garnet pinot that smells gorgeous and inviting with its generous bouquet of black cherry, dark plum, musk and christmas cake spices and polished fine savoury oak in the background.  The taste lives up to the promise – delicious. Bright, spicy and savoury with chocolate-coated roasted rosemary and a svelte velvety texture. Bright fruit on the finish and a lingering aftertaste. It has 13.5% alcohol by volume. Expect to find for around $25, cheaper on promotion. Check out the Tohu website for more.

Shirley who never drinks red wines, absolutely loved this, being seduced by her first pinot noir kiss. And it was perfect with the roast lamb that she had slashed in several places and inserted rosemary and garlic, and then popped into an oven bag for roasting.

A fabulous pairing and absolutely recommended. And next time Shirley asks me to stay, you can bet another pinot for her to discover will be in my bag. I’ll turn her into a pinotphile yet :-)


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