Fish and Chips at the beach

Fish and chips at Orewa Beach on Tuesday 3rd January was arranged last year at the weekly coffee meeting. “I’ll bring a bottle of sav,” I said. ”And glasses,” I added, mentally noting to pack a box of XL5s because they were easy to carry. Thank goodness I remembered.

We all turned up despite the north westerly gusting 25 to 30 knots and after having to walk backwards at times to avoid sand blasted eyes we eventually found a reasonably sheltered table on the beach side of the car park in the lee of the parked cars until one by one they drove away.

Our fish and chips were served with a sprinkle of sand and a drizzle of rain. And a taste of Tohu Naturally Lighter Alcohol Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2015, which at just 10% alcohol was ideal for each of us to have a News Years toast-size tipple and wish the best of health to each other.

Tohu Lighter Sauv Blanc 2015

I loved the tropical fruit aromas and flavours with pineapple to the fore and zesty acidity and summer herb vibes and while seemingly (to me) a little dilute on the finish the lingering taste was full of flavour and just perfect for the food and the occasion.  No problems with this being a 2015 because it tasted as fresh as a daisy. It looked fab in its aqua green bottle too.


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