A Riesling stands the test of time

Found in a box. Old Riesling. Riesling’s meant to age well and Forrest has a great track record with this varietal. Ok, I’ll give it a whirl. That was the idea when I found it but it got relegated to the kitchen cupboard for several months more. Finally, on June 14th 2016, twenty-three years after vintage, I opened it.

The wine: Forrest Marlborough Riesling 1993
The colour: amber – liquid honey amber.
The bouquet: honeyed apricots with a marmalade-like citrus vibrancy.
The taste: luscious, rich and honeyed with a toasty savouriness. Still plenty of acidity — like an apricot and orange marmalade with creme brulee toffee, the wine finishes dry and it has an earthy intrigue — a sweet earthiness — like you get in white button mushrooms — but it’s not mushrooms — it’s an earthy fascination that complements the amazing acidity — bitter orange most definitely. Smooth in its flow with a sweet / sour impression.
The other stuff: 12% alcohol by volume. Cork.

It looks old but the taste had stood the test of time.

I accompanied to a finger of pork belly marinated and baked with five spice, ginger, soy and lime.

The verdit: Sublime!


A Riesling stands the test of time — 1 Comment

  1. Wow thanks Sue. We had some great old Rieslings with our vintage staff this season. 2003 was a high acid year – Pinatubo eruption. We also made our first true I’ve wine that year!! Cheers

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