Main Divide Pokiri Pinot Gris 2013

Main Divide Pokiri Reserve Waipara Valley Pinot Gris 2013

This is sunshine gold in the glass - dazzlingly brilliant and more yellow than I would expect for pinot gris of this age – or any age in fact, but Main Divide’s Pokiri is not any ordinary Pinot Gris; it’s a late harvest style, the grapes picked when they were starting to develop noble rot (i.e. botrytis) with the fermentation in old barrels and time on yeast lees has added an intriguing savoury allure.

What’s also exciting about this wine is the luscious, honey, tropical fruit salad aromas and unctuous flavours of spiced honey poached sugar pears stuffed with dried apricots topped with toffee shard decorations with a jus of zesty juicy mandarin – so zesty it’s like a spritzy dance across the palate – and it’s this punchy and cleansing acidity that balances the sweetness beautifully.

So it is concentration, sweetness and savouriness with beautifully balanced acidity, and while sipping it initially seems very much a desert wine, I’d happily match to drippingly tender roast pork with crispy crackling and a delicious accompaniment of my sister’s home-made star anise infused sauce of apple and quince.

A heady wine with 14% alcohol by volume – it definitely needs food.

Main Divide is a label of Pegasus Bay Wines. Pokiri is an ancestral name. Find out more from where the price is listed at $24.95.

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