Ellero Gewurztraminer with Prawns and Spiced Pumpkin Fritters

In the last post I mentioned Spiced Pumpkin Fritters and Prawns tasted alongside the Dry River Gewurztraminers a couple of days after opening those wines. But the reason for making the fritters was to try them as a food match for Ellero Gewurztraminer 2012 from Central Otago that we were tasting that day.

Gewurztraminer from Central Otago seems to be becoming a rare species now that long-time proponents, Black Ridge and William Hill are no longer. Just Misha’s Vineyard Gewurztraminer comes readily to mind, so we were excited to be trying this wine with memories of how I loved the debut 2009 Ellero wine (my review here).

Ellero GewurztraminerWe found Ellero Gewurztraminer 2012 to have a shy, delicate bouquet with the taste restrained for this sometimes overpowering variety – but having tasted Alsace gewurztraminers in Alsace recently there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and restraint seems to be the norm for this varietal in Central Otago. At first the wine seems quite luscious even though the label says it lacks residual sugars. The sweetness I perceive, however, is kept in check by Moroccan-like spices in the wine. Concentrated and mouthfilling with hints of rose musk and tangelo zest joining the spices and yes, the long lingering finish is super dry.

What caught my eye in the pumpkin fritter recipe was whole coriander, cumin and fennel spices ground together. I had those all in my cupboard (and the other ingredients too). ‘These spices should be a match made in heaven for gewurztraminer,’ I thought but it turned out the entire combo – the fritters with the prawns, the yoghurt and the lemon oil – was exceptional.

Ellero Gewurztraminer 2012 enhances the spices in the fritters and the aftertaste is in harmony as the wine and food flavours linger. With everything on the fork, including a strip of red capsicum and green salad leaf from our side salad, the wine and food combo was just awesome.

Here’s the link to the recipe again in case you want to try it although I used chopped spring onions rather than grated onion, and with chickpea and rice flours it’s gluten free too.

Ellero Gewurztraminer is produced by Roberta Manell and Robert Montero on an organically managed vineyard on the Pisa Terrace, far away from the early Alexandra offerings and almost opposite the Misha’s vineyard but with Lake Dunstan in between.

Check out their website, www.ellerowine.com, to find out where to buy. RRP is around $27 a bottle.

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